Geeks Are Always Chic

Here at MA we’re reaching the final stretch before our official launch so we’ve been crazy busy with promoting and other launch-esque activites (a.k.a stuffing our faces and playing dress up with the clothes hehe…)  Anywho, last week had the opportunity to showcase some of our stuff at an entrepreneur fair at University of Maryland (Terp Pride, woot woot!).  Being the creative geniuses that we are we decided that it would be fabu to have a live model.  So we called up one of our prettiest friends (who just so happens to be a model), lured her to our apartment, and tricked her into wearing our clothes whilst standing around for an hour, ha! Check her out:

Isn’t she gorg??? Jordan is her name and we have such a girl crush on her. Not to mention she’s going to be famous one day! Anyway, we decided to go with one of our favorite looks from the photo shoot(pictures coming soon!!!), this edgy geek-chic look that’s just too cool for school.

Geek? Yes. Chic? Heck Yea! Who wouldn’t want to be a geek if that’s what they look like now a days.

She’s such a little hottie!

Ok, now she’s just showing off! Ha!

Outfit Breakdown:

“Little Miss Sunshine” Sweater; “Going Back to Cali” Crop top; “These Boots Were Made for Walking” Combat Boots; “Blue Me In” shorts: All available at (coming this November!!! )

The thing we love most about this fit is that it’s the perfect way to incorporate those summer pieces that you’re not ready to let go of quite yet.  Layering the crop top over high waisted shorts, and the shorts over stockings is a perfect way to stay warm on a chilly Fall day while still holding on to the little glimmer of hope that warm summer weather may one day return.

So I guess the moral of this story is: Geeks are hot and good for all seasons. ha!



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"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." We are Vintage. Hear us Roar. Welcome to Our World ; )
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